Thursday, February 16, 2012

This 'n That Thursdays: Feeling Antsy

From Shoreway77

Ants are fascinating creatures.  They are industrious and ubiquitous, but for the most part are ignored by humans.  Unless, of course, they annoy us in some way, such as a fire ant inflicting a painful bite or hordes of foraging ants invading our picnics or our homes.  One summer we had ants come in through our closed kitchen window and set up a colony in our brown sugar canister.  Since I rarely use brown sugar, it was months before I finally figured out where all of the ants in our house were coming from!  So I was very surprised at how many home décor items feature these tiny insects, especially on items for the dining table.  I have already mentioned the Fire Ants Wallpaper from Anthropologie in an earlier post, but recently I came across this Soldier Ants Wallpaper by Funky Little Darlings:

From Not on the High Street

For a fine dining experience, set your table with this ant-themed dishware from Bailey Doesn't Bark:

There is even an ant-covered pillow available:

If you are more than a little bit country, you may prefer this ant-covered gingham dishware:

From Madison Avenue Gifts

There are also ant-covered gingham napkins:

From juniperberries on Etsy

And to wrap them up here are some giant ant napkin rings:

From notNeutral

Ants as table decorations are a must:

From Factory Direct Craft

If you are dining al fresco, then ant tablecloth weights will keep your tablecloth from ending up gone with the wind:

From Bay Village Store

Should you be invited to a potluck dinner, be sure to keep your hot dish warm with this crocheted casserole cover:

From Crochet Memories

My goodness, I could go on and on about ant-themed products for the home!  However, I think I will end this post with the uniquely bizarre and wonderful Ant Armchair from the Zoomorphic Collection of Wild Design:

From Wild Design

If we can't beat the little buggers, at least we can sit on them!  Or better yet, how about their Anteater Chair:

From Wild Design

After all, we have to control this ant invasion somehow, so why not with an anteater?  Let's just hope these highly organized little invertebrates don't turn the tables on us and start making off with our furniture in retaliation:

Now that's scary!

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