Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wish List Wednesdays: Colorful Bird Feeders

From Living and Gardening in the Ozarks

On this bonus last day of February (happy Leap Day, everyone!) I will end National Bird Feeding Month with two different colorful bird feeders that I would love to hang up in my yard.  The first is the J. Schatz Egg Bird Feeder (additional colors here if you're in the U.K.!), a ceramic feeder shaped like an egg:

From Addicted2Decorating

At $125 they are pricey, but the array of colors is dazzling and the shape is visually pleasing, plus a ceramic feeder is easy to clean.  And they would pair well with the modern egg-shaped nogg chicken coop!

The other feeder that caught my eye was this Retro Wild Bird Feeder:

Shown here in raspberry with purple interior, other color choices are mustard with olive interior or white with black interior.  Made of sturdy plastic, they are under $50, so splurge and buy more than one!

The only problem I can see with these feeders is that their colors may compete for your attention with those of the birds themselves.  However, I am one of those who feels that the more color the better, so I am willing to take that chance!

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