Monday, February 13, 2012

Mystery Mondays: JoAnna Carl's The Chocolate Cupid Killings

Are you looking for a good mystery to read for Valentine's Day?  Then look no farther than JoAnna Carl's The Chocolate Cupid Killings featuring Lee McKinney and the TenHuis Chocolade, a specialty chocolates shop in Warner Pier, Michigan!  I've described Ms. Carl's Chocoholic mystery series in an earlier post (last Valentine's Day, as a matter of fact!).  In this installment, Lee and her Aunt Nettie, owner of TenHuis Chocolade, have been providing a safe haven for women on the run from abusive relationships.  When a private detective named Derrick Valentine arrives just before Valentine's Day looking for one of the women, the two deny any knowledge of her.  Unfortunately, the detective later turns up dead and Aunt Nettie becomes the prime suspect, so it is up to Lee to prove her innocence and find the real killer.  This is the ninth novel in the series, and a tenth, The Chocolate Pirate Plot, is already out.

JoAnna Carl's novels are some of my favorite cozy mysteries.  In addition to the mystery plot, these books contain interesting chocolate trivia, all of which are a pleasure to read.  And what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to immerse yourself in a well-written mystery story involving fine chocolates?

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