Thursday, February 23, 2012

This 'n That Thursdays: Beautiful Bookshelves

By Kim Yokota

My husband and I are dedicated bibliophiles.  We have literally hundreds of books, so finding storage for all of them can be a problem.  Fortunately there are numerous shelving options available, like the clever "READ" shelves pictured above.  Here are a few more that I would love to have in my home:

Bibliochaise by Nobody & Co. (there is also a coordinating Bibliopouf)

Round Sofa Bookcase by Behance

Cave Bookcase by Sakura Adachi

Ceiling bookshelves from Apartment Therapy

Unique built-in bookshelves from Decodir

United States Map Bookshelf from Yatzer

Bookcase Hut by Point (photo by Paul Baron)

Staircase bookshelves from ozzum

This is just a small sample of innovative ways to store books -- I never realized there were so many options out there.  We may be able to find a way to house all of our books after all!

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