Thursday, March 1, 2012

This 'n That Thursdays: Lovely Libraries

Even though we have moved on to March, I couldn't resist one more post about libraries.  As a lover of modern architecture, I was delighted to discover this site showcasing twelve beautiful and modern public libraries, including Philadelphia's Parkway Central Library pictured above.  I would be happy to spend hours reading a good book in any one of these gorgeous buildings.  Or I could stay at home and enjoy my book in a lovely home library instead, especially if my space looked like one of these:

From Mimimalisti

From Bloom Designs

From Trendir

From homebestdecorating

From Gizmodo

And for the best idea on how to get as many books as possible into a small dwelling, check out this remarkable staircase:

Note to self:  Spend more time in my local public library, check out public libraries in other towns and cities, and make sure our future retirement home has an attractive home library with plenty of clever shelving ideas for lots and lots of books!

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