Monday, February 20, 2012

Mystery Mondays: J. B. Stanley's Supper Club Mysteries

The Supper Club Mysteries by J. B. Stanley is an engaging series featuring Dr. James Henry, a former university professor who resigns his teaching position to come home to Quincy's Gap, Virginia, and care for his irascible father after the death of his mother and his own divorce.  He takes a job as librarian at the local library, but settles into a life that is really no life at all, focusing only on his job and a fondness for overeating.  Attempting to break out of this dreary routine, James joins a weight loss supper club.  The members of this little group decide to call themselves the "Flab Five", and meet once a week to share a meal and support the efforts of each member to lose weight.  James soon finds himself attracted to fellow group member Lucy Hanover, who has ambitions to advance herself at the local sheriff's department where she works.  Romance is put on hold, however, when the Flab Five become involved in helping Lucy solve a local murder.

This is a delightful series which includes recipes, and it is fun to get to know more about all members of the Flab Five as the series progresses.  James Henry's new life takes all sorts of interesting turns in each of the six novels.  The sixth in the series, Black Beans and Vice, is supposedly the last, but I hope the author reconsiders and continues to write about the exploits of the Flab Five in the future.

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