Saturday, February 4, 2012

Picture Parade: Rhino Décor

From Animal Pictures 1

When it comes to interior design, I am a big fan of the offbeat and unusual, as well as anything with an animal theme.  However, even I was surprised when I discovered how many items for the home have been inspired by the rhinoceros!  Even its most ardent supporters would probably not call this relative of the horse beautiful, but I suppose its odd appearance is exactly what makes the rhinoceros so appealing for design.  From the exotic and expensive to the mundane and mass-produced, rhino décor seems to be everywhere!  Anyway, without further ado, here are my rhino finds, in all their perissodactyl pachyderm glory:

Rhino desk

Bronze rhino desk

Scala Luxury rhino with drawers (image #10)

Bronze rhino table

Rhino table

Rhino chair

Rhino chaise

Leather rhino ottoman

Rhino wall lamp

Rhino Tiffany-style lamp (no longer available)

Rhino table lamp

Wooden rocking rhino

Rhino pillow

Rhino canvas wall art

Porcelain rhino head

Rhino head wall plaque

Rhino shot glass

I sure wouldn't mind having a few of these rhinos around the house, as long as I wouldn't have to worry about them taking over like this fellow:

From The Portfolio Travel Blog

Can you imagine how much sunscreen he must go through (not to mention lounge chairs!)?

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