Monday, February 6, 2012

Holiday Hits: Library Lovers Month

From This Journey Is My Own

February is Library Lovers Month, so check out these ways you can help support your local library.  I have always been an avid reader and library patron. When I was in high school I would often walk to the nearby public library after school and spend several hours just reading in that quiet environment until my dad came to pick me up when he got home from work.  I even had a student job in the Rare Books Room of Cornell University's Olin Library when I was an undergraduate.  These experiences have made me very appreciative of libraries and I have made a point of becoming a patron of the libraries in all of the towns we have lived in.  Libraries are not only about books anymore -- the local library here in our small Georgia town provides computer access and education, and also serves as a convenient social gathering area for many community events, book-related and otherwise.  Please support your neighborhood library and you will be doing your home town a big favor!

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