About This Blog

How this blog is organized:

Mystery Mondays:  I enjoy a good mystery novel, as well as movies and TV series with a mystery theme, so this day will be devoted to discussing the mystery genre. (Just for Halloween, Mystery Mondays will become Mysterious Mondays during the month of October.)
Terrifying Tuesdays:  Okay, I admit it -- I do like a good scary movie, although preferably one with as little gore as possible!  This is the day I will talk about scary movies, books, short stories, etc.
Wish List Wednesdays:  This day will be devoted to any fantastic finds I happen to discover and covet.  These items will probably be mostly for the home (or could even be a home!) but I am not ruling out other objects as well!
This 'n That Thursdays:  I will bring up some topic of interest to me on this day, be it animals, design, gardening, travel, games, people, or other sites of interest -- you name it and I may just write about it.
Foodie Fridays:  Friday will be devoted to one of my favorite topics -- food!  I will try to post a recipe every week.  As a rule I favor simple, tasty, and relatively inexpensive and healthy recipes, with one exception -- I love to bake!  My baking recipes may break all of the previously mentioned rules, but you have to treat yourself occasionally, right?
Weekend Wonders:  I may not post comments every weekend, but when I do they will be here.
Weekend Wardrobe: I have become interested in putting together fun virtual wardrobes for different occasions, which I will post on Saturdays.
Holiday Hits:  Anything directly related to holiday celebrations will be posted in this section.
Picture Parade:  Every once in a while I start to research a topic and just can't stop finding interesting pictures.  When this happens, the pictures will be posted here with links but very little text.
Current Events:  Normally I try to avoid discussing the news here, but on rare occasions I will come upon a topic I consider to be of such importance that I just have to comment.
Seasonal Style:  Every time the season changes I will post a pairing of a fashion photo with one of an interior design in the same style.  This post will be short and sweet, as not much text is needed -- the effect is purely visual.
On the Homefront:  I am trying to improve my photography skills by taking pictures around our property.  I will post some of the better ones here and describe what life is like on a small rural acreage in Georgia.

Wish List Wednesdays, This 'n That Thursdays, and Foodie Fridays will be posted every week.  The other topics will be discussed when I have the time.

All photos were either taken by me or credited in the post or blog page.  I try to track a photo to its original source, but sometimes this is not possible so I provide a link to the site as far back as I was able to trace a source.  If someone knows an original photo source and I have not used it, please let me know and I will change it.