Our funky farmhouse in Georgia is shared with two dogs, a sweet terrier mix rescued locally as a stray and a rambunctious mutt (we think she is an English setter/hound mix) adopted from the county animal shelter.  My handsome black Tennessee Walking Horse and a Cuckoo Marans hen inhabit the barn and pastures.  I grew up in Pennsylvania, and have lived in New York, Oklahoma, the Virgin Islands, and Colorado before moving to Georgia. I love living in the country and could not imagine being a city dweller.
My favorite season is autumn, my favorite color is red, my favorite state is New Mexico, and my favorite movie is "Enchanted April".  My favorite foods include (but are not limited to) pasta, peanut butter, cheese, and tea. I love to read, write, and do information searches, and commenting here will allow me to exercise these passions.
My interests include mystery novels, scary movies, crossword puzzles, room escape computer games, walking, yoga, horseback riding, animals (especially dogs, and Dalmatians in particular), baking, cooking simple recipes, interior design, gardening, and nature.  While I am not a very good traveller, once I reach a destination I thoroughly enjoy exploring new places.  My blog will include these topics as well as any others that catch my fancy.