Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wish List Wednesdays: The Nogg Modern Wooden Chicken Coop

The nogg

Shortly after we moved to rural Georgia I was given a free-roaming flock of six hens and a rooster.  That first year they all thrived, and by fall I had over two dozen birds.  However, the following spring local predators, especially the foxes, had discovered my chickens and in a few months the flock was wiped out.  I would like to have chickens again, but to keep them safe I must have a predator-proof coop and run to put them in at night.  I have been checking out my options lately, and that is now I discovered the nogg.  This small coop is designed to house up to four chickens in style!  Constructed of naturally anti-bacterial cedar and designed with fox-proof latches, the egg-shaped nogg will weather beautifully over time while keeping a small flock safe.  I am not sure how practical or affordable it is, but the sheer beauty of the nogg makes me wish I had one for my yard!

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