Thursday, May 19, 2011

This 'n That Thursdays: Lavender Fields Forever!

By prozac1

Some day I intend to have a field of lavender.  When we lived in Colorado our acreage was too cold and shady, so I could only grow a couple of plants close to the south wall of the house.  Here in Georgia it is too wet and shady on our property so lavender only survives in pots.  However, our plan is to move to New Mexico when my husband retires, and I have high hopes that I will finally be able to grow a good-sized plot of this fragrant herb.  I know that there are several lavender farms in New Mexico, including Enchanted Lavender and Los Poblanos in Albuquerque, Purple Adobe in Abiquiu, and Frolicking Deer in Datil, so I think I have a chance!  Lavender is actually a very hardy perennial when conditions are right, quite drought tolerant and pest resistant.  Also, I have recently become interested in beekeeping and plan to start a hive soon.  If I am successful it will be very advantageous for my future lavender field, since the bees I keep there will pollinate the flowers.  I have no plans to do anything commercially with my plants -- just the joy of walking in the field and harvesting flower stalks for my own use will satisfy me.  I do, however, plan to claim my share of any lavender honey my bees produce for my morning tea!

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