Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Wonders: A Room with a View... of Horses!

When it comes to decorating with a horse theme, in my opinion less is more.  The following pictures showcase some rooms that I think handle this theme well, and I also indicate some minor changes I would make to suit my taste.

From Elements of Style

The only things I would change in the lovely living room above are the yellow pillows (to dark red) as well as the rug and the artwork between the windows:

From Oriental Outpost
From Signature Prints

I love the subtle repeating horse pattern on the rug at left, and I would have the Chinese horse scroll at right framed before hanging it in the room.

The dining room below is quite beautiful as well:

From Elements of Style

In this room I would remove the crown molding (I have this irrational dislike of crown molding -- I find it fussy and superfluous!), omit the zigzag flooring, and swap out the chairs for these:

From Ana Donohue Interiors

I adore the simple horse design as well as the pop of orange color!

Finally, this entry way is perfect just the way it is:

From Grandin Road

When handled with restraint, equine design in the home can be quite divine!  Now if only I could convince my husband!

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