Monday, May 23, 2011

Mystery Mondays: Cynthia Baxter's Reigning Cats & Dogs Mystery Series

If you love mysteries filled with lots of animals as supporting characters, you must read Cynthia Baxter's Reigning Cats & Dogs mystery series!  The heroine of these tales is a mobile Long Island veterinarian named Jessica Popper.  We first meet Dr. Popper in her veterinary office-on-wheels van, on her way to a horse farm with her two dogs, a one-eyed Dalmatian named Lou and a tailless West Highland White Terrier named Max.  Before they even reach their destination the two dogs uncover two corpses, one human and the other that of a canary!  With the help of former fiancé and private investigator Nick Burby, Jessica manages to solve the murder despite warnings from the local police to leave matters in their hands.  Once started, she can't seem to stop, and Jessica Popper proceeds to discover homicide culprits in eight more novels, while working on resuming her relationship with Nick, who decides to go to law school, moves in with Jessica, and finally convinces her that she is ready for the ultimate plunge into marriage!  The parade of animals in this series never stops thanks to Dr. Popper's profession.  She and Nick have a combined menagerie that ensures there is never a dull moment when it comes to animal antics on the home front either.  As an animal lover as well as a mystery lover, I just can't get enough of these mysteries, and I highly recommend them.

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