Friday, May 13, 2011

This 'n That Thursdays: Horse-Themed Bedroom Design

(This post is a day late because Blogger was down yesterday.)

In my opinion, designing any room with a horse or equestrian theme is not easy.  It is difficult to decide just how far to take this look.  I have an especially difficult time because I define my style as rustic contemporary, and find it hard to balance both sides of my design preference.  Should I go more rustic, perhaps for a Western-influenced effect?  Or should I emphasize the contemporary side, sticking to a more minimal aesthetic?  I decided to try out both looks -- here is what I came up with:

For the rustic look, I took my inspiration from this unabashedly horsey chandelier:

From Posh Living

There is no doubt about the rusticity of this piece!  Using this chandelier, it is possible to get playful with the design.  Next I found this wonderful bed which complements the chandelier nicely:

From Woodland Creek Furniture & Gallery

It even has a matching nightstand:

I like the simple brown bedding shown on the bed, but to add some color to the room I would choose this rug, which looks just like a Western saddle blanket:

From Trading Places Interiors

I would go with rustic wood floors and a muted yellow wall color.  Toss some simple wool horse pillows on the bed and the horse theme is done!

From Rustic Lodge Furnishings

From Santa Fe Ranch

For the contemporary look, the choices are easier.  First I would select this simple duvet cover, which is conveniently placed on a bed in a room with furnishings that are perfect:

From Etsy

Next I would hang a large black and white horse painting above the bed for dramatic effect:

From Bimago

On the floor I would have this black rug with a repeating white horse design:

From Signature Prints

I would choose light-colored bamboo flooring, and would paint at least the wall behind the bed red, if not all of them, to add color contrast.  These black and white pillows on the bed would complete the look:

From RR Home Decor
From Clementine

I think I prefer the contemporary horse theme, but if I lived out West I would at least want a guest room done up in the rustic style!

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  1. awesome, looking for horse themed furniture myself, thanks for the help!