Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekend Wonders: Dalmatianville Interior Design

Animal prints are often popular when it comes to interior design, and what could be more perfect for Dalmatianville than Dalmatian print décor?  There are a number of such items available out there for the Dalmatian-obsessed, if you know where to look!

From Fiber Art Furniture

Starting off in the foyer, the red Dalmatian chair and Dalmatian tiffany lamp above will really make a statement!

From Designer Sofas 4u Ltd.
From Deseret Furniture

The chair on the left would be perfect for a contemporary living room, with a contemporary red sofa and perhaps a salt-and-pepper shag rug. The chair at right would look great in a more traditional setting -- I'm thinking maybe a burgundy or dark green sofa and an Oriental rug in muted tones.

White Platinum from Silestone 

Moving on to the kitchen, this white countertop flecked with black spots would bring just the right Dalmatian touch!

From Interior Gallery
By Gereb Design Inc.

The Dalmatian Butler at left would be appropriate in a breakfast nook, along with a few of the heart chairs at right, preferably with a round table.

No longer available
From Murano Store

In the dining room, the Dalmatian print chairs at left would be ideal, while the Dalmatian-spotted murano glass chandelier at right would complement them nicely.

From Fancy Finis

The more formal dining room above, with chairs upholstered in a Dalmatian print, is also lovely.

From Werner Studios' Creature Furniture
From eBay

Two Dalmatian end tables (left) flanking a sofa and Dalmatian-spotted valances (right) topping the windows would bring just the right touch to a family room.

From Mattezto Bathware

The perfect powder room would include the Dalmatian vessel sink and hand towels pictured above.

From Monster Marketplace
From Imagekind

A bedspread like the one shown at left is a must in the bedroom, with a large sleeping Dalmatian painting like the one on the right hung above the bed.

From My Blankee Inc.
From My Blankee Inc.

For those chilly nights, Dalmatian-spotted blankets can be added for warmth.

From Victor's Villas

If you have children who are crazy about Dalmatians, they would adore a bedroom like the one above!

From Pete Drew and Company

From Big Black Horse LLC
Finally, paint the bathroom walls with Dalmatian spots, and add some Dalmatian-themed towels like the ones at left for good measure!

As you can see, it is possible to add Dalmatian design to every room in the house, so I can rest assured that I've got the interior décor of my Dalmatianville dream home covered!

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