Thursday, May 5, 2011

This 'n That Thursdays: Keeping Chickens

From Fowl Visions
I love the idea of keeping chickens!  I had a flock for a while that eventually succumbed to predation, but as soon as I can get a coop and run built I intend to get more chickens.  Two of my favorite breeds are pictured above.  On the left is the Barred Plymouth Rock, a large, handsome, black-and-white bird developed in the United States that lays light brown eggs. It is a color variation of the Plymouth Rock breed.  On the right is a Buff Orpington, a color variation of the Orpington, which is a heavy-bodied English breed with distinctive leg feathering. The Orpington also lays light brown eggs.  Both breeds are cold-hardy and make excellent backyard birds.  Buff Orpingtons need a little more protection as they are too heavy to fly and their feathers do not protect them from rain, but with access to shelter they are excellent layers.

This site has a picture and information about building the type of coop I would like to have for my birds.  It also gives an enjoyable description of the trials and tribulations of keeping chickens.  Overall, though, the joy of chickens far outweighs the sorrow, and I can't wait to have my own flock once again!


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