Thursday, May 26, 2011

This 'n That Thursdays: Dalmatianville Dress Code

Some people will go to great lengths to satisfy their Dalmatian obsession!  Absurd, you say?  Not if you live in my dream town of Dalmatianville! No one would ever be forced to wear spotted ensembles in my perfect town, but residents would be very impressed if you did.  Dalmatian-inspired clothing definitely seems to be more popular with the ladies.  These spotted dresses are perfect examples (top left: Polyvore; top right: Etsy; bottom left:; bottom right: Rakuten):

Then there are skirts, sundresses, and even jeans and leggings (top left: Miss Selfridge; top right: Kaboodle; middle left: YESSTYLE; middle right: Celebrity Pictures; bottom left: Hot Topic; bottom right: Rakuten):

Dalmatian-spotted tops are also available (top left: Kaboodle; top right:; bottom left: SSense; bottom right: ASOS):

Shoes will complete your ensemble, and the choices range from formal to casual (top left: NVISION: top right: Bonanza; second row left: Shoewawa; second row right:; third row left:; third row right: Simply Footwear; fourth row left:; fourth row right: MojoLondon; fifth row left: Zazzle; fifth row right: Zazzle; bottom left: Tra Tutti; bottom right: NursesDNA):

Wow, that's a lot of Dalmatian-spotted shoes!  Of course, for chilly weather a faux-Dalmatian coat is a must, and there are a few of those out there too, also ranging in style from formal to casual (top left: eBay; top right: Etsy: middle left: Miss Selfridge; middle right: DANSK; bottom left: Clothes Fashion; bottom right:

The right Dalmatian accessories are needed to finish off any outfit, and the selections available seem limitless (Row 1 left: Belisi Fashions; Row 1 right:; Row 2 left: Elegant Designs by Denise; Row 2 right: Rakuten; Row 3 left: Etsy; Row 3 right: Rakuten; Row 4 left: eBay; Row 4 right: Frame Geek; Row 5 left: Crusader Party; Row 5 right: A Million Dresses ; Row 6 left: Ring-O-Blog; Row 6 right: Granny's Jewelry Box; Row 7 left: Etsy; Row 7  right: The Fossil Cartel Inc.; Row 8 left: iOffer; Row 8 right: Passion for Savings; Row 9 left: MyGift; Row 9 right: Vincysally):

Row 1:

Row 2:

Row 3:

Row 4:

Row 5:

Row 6:

Row 7:

Row 8:

Row 9:

Finally, Dalmatian sleepwear will end the day in the appropriate style (top left: Jumpin Jammerz; top right: Kaboodle; middle left: Table & Home; middle right: Crazy for Bargains; bottom left: eBay; bottom right:

Dalmatian attire seems to be staging a comeback, as seen at the TopShop Unique fashion show during London Fashion Week recently:

From The Independent

With so many Dalmatian-inspired wardrobe options available, it could not be easier to dress in the preferred attire of Dalmatianville, so don your spotted ensemble and join in the fun!

From Doggie Stylish

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