Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weekend Wonders: Lobster Couture, Part 2

By dalmatianlover

I'll bet you were hoping that we were done with wearable lobster design.  No such luck -- not when there are so many options available out there!

From outerwear (top left: lobster merino wool cardigan; top right: lobster merino wool sweater; bottom left: fullback lobster sweater; bottom right: Primp lobster hoodie - no longer available),

to underwear (top left: Primp lobster thermal crew - no longer available; top right: Primp lobster thermal leggings - no longer available; bottom left: Jolene's Originals lobster boxers; bottom right: Sprout Commerce lobster boxers),

and from beachwear (top left: Letarte lobster print bikini; top right: OndadeMar reef lobster halter bikini; bottom left: Castaway Nobadeer lobster swim trunks; bottom right: J. Crew lobster board shorts - no longer available),

to headgear (left; knit lobster hat; right: Rorschach lobster baseball cap),

lobsterwear can liven up your wardrobe in so many ways!

And if you want to enhance your ensemble with some lobster bling, check out these items (top left: red enamel and rhinestone lobster pin; top right: J. Crew lobster enamel bracelet - no longer available; middle left: Betsey Johnson Under the Sea lobster necklace; middle right: Sheppard Hill Designs lobster ring; bottom left: Seawear lobster cufflinks; bottom right: 14K gold fishermans lobster claw tie bar):

So don your lobster garb, pick up your lobster phone,

By Nicky Castle

call your lobster-fanatic friends,

Lobster people by tacogirl

hop into the lobster-mobile,

From Tension Not

and head for the nearest lobster hot spot for a crustaceous good time!

The Lobster Pot Bistro

Who knows -- you may even get a glimpse of celebrities who share your decapod obsession!

Lady Gaga
Alton Brown

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