Monday, March 14, 2011

Mystery Mondays: Leslie Caine's Domestic Bliss Mystery Series

If you have an interest in interior design then you must read Leslie Caine's Domestic Bliss mysteries.  In this series, Erin Gilbert, a lovely young interior designer living in Crestview, Colorado, rents a room in the home of famed domestic diva Audrey Munroe, host of the popular Domestic Bliss television show.  Erin has a successful interior design business, but eventually decides to partner with a devastatingly handsome rival, Steve Sullivan, since their talents complement each other well.  Working so closely together at Sullivan and Gilbert, their new company, they inevitably find themselves attracted to each other, but it takes a while before they are willing to acknowledge this attraction.  Their relationship is both helped and hindered by the fact that murder seems to dog their footsteps with every design project they tackle.  Along the way beautiful rooms are created, and Audrey Munroe has her own special chapters in each book where she dispenses much decorating wisdom.  There are seven books in the series so far, and I am hoping that an eighth installment will make an appearance soon.  The author is herself a certified interior decorator, and you can find a lot of great information on her website, including more details about Erin Gilbert!

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