Thursday, March 31, 2011

This 'n That Thursdays: Delightfully Different Decapod Décor

For those who prefer the offbeat and unusual when it comes to interior design, a decapod theme provides infinite possibilities.  I found these crab lights to be very inspirational -- if IKEA could ever be persuaded to give them up, I would promise to give them a good home:

These crab tables (Nicolin & Gublin - no longer available) also got my creative juices flowing:

Based on these fun objects, I came up with two decapod-themed design boards, one subtle and one bold. 

I see the subtle design as being perfect for an open, modern home on the West Coast, 

Clockwise from top left: Nicolin & Gublin crab table; ModernEuroDesign; IKEA crab lights; Strictly Design Lobster Chair; Etsy Coral Set - no longer available; crab lino cut lobster; Fine Art AmericaThe Wall Art StoreCafe PressMomentoitalia; Nicolin & Gublin crab coffee table; Center: Etsy White Coral Pillow CoverDomestic Modern

while the bold decor might suit a New England beach cottage:

Clockwise from left: Beach Decor; IKEA crab lights; Jonathan AdlerBarbara Gails LampsCouture LabBruehltornpaperpaintings.comFish and Ships Coastal Art prawn, lobster, and crabPosh Living crab and lobster pillows; Center:; Nicolin & Gublin crab tables

I can't decided which design I prefer -- I love them both!  If you want to liven up your décor, why not invite a few decapod crustaceans into your home?

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