Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wish List Wednesdays: Forest Friends Dinnerware

I seem to be finding a lot of fantastic animal-themed accent plates lately!  My most recent acquisition is a set of square Forest Friends Dinnerware appetizer plates ($9.95 each) from Stonewall Kitchen.  Four different animal designs are available -- moose, Canada goose, fox, and owl.  They are sold individually rather than as a set, so you can mix and match the different designs as you please.  There are also mugs ($13.50 each) in each of the four animal designs, as well as a Winter Solstice Tray ($29.95) that is next on my wish list!  (I also must mention that Stonewall Kitchen has an excellent customer service department, one of the best with which I have ever interacted, and that they wrap their breakables remarkably well, again probably the best I have ever encountered.)


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