Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Terrifying Tuesdays: Fear of the Dark Double Feature

Image at left from Forest Fly.
Image at right from CineMaterial.

Scary movies about fear of the dark abound, and the two movies I have chosen for this week's theme are "Darkness Falls" (2003) and the aptly named "Fear of the Dark" (2003).  Both involve young boys with an extreme fear of the dark who must convince those around them that this fear is truly justified.  While these films are not considered top-notch horror movies, I found them both to be satisfyingly scary without excessive gore (but be prepared to suspend disbelief for a while in terms of plot and sometimes logic!).

From IGN.

If you really like violently scary films, you can also add the movie "Pitch Black" (2000) to this list (a good horror movie, but a little too violent for my tastes).

Bonus Classic: Watch "Dead of Night" (1945), arguably the best horror anthology movie ever made.  It includes a segment based on A. M. Burrage's "Smee", the short story described in yesterday's post.

Gore Guide (0=none to 5=extreme): 1 for the first two movies, 0 for "Dead of Night", and definitely a 5 for "Pitch Black" should you choose to watch that film as well.

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