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This 'n That Thursdays: Five Creepiest Travel Destinations, Continued


When it comes to creepy travel destinations, you may find that the best way to visit is virtually, from the comfort and safety of your own home.  If that is the case, then settle in to your favorite chair and prepare to be transported!  I am presenting various viewing options for each of the five frightening locations I described last week.  Some are fictional, some are documentaries, and there is even one online game, but all are guaranteed to send a shiver up your spine.  Let's get started!

1) Island of the Dolls, Mexico

This short documentary on YouTube tells the story of Mexico's Island of the Dolls.  The legend of the drowned girl and the island caretaker who hung the dolls in her honor is described in detail, complete with unsettling images of some of the dolls.  Even more dolls have been added by island visitors since the death of the caretaker, ensuring that the unsettling atmosphere begun by the terrifying legend will continue.  The somewhat choppy and emotionless voice of the narrator on this video adds even more creepiness to an already disturbing tale.

As an added bonus, go to this link to an online game based on the Island of the Dolls.  The eerie images alone will give you the willies!

Escape from Island of the Dolls

2) Chapel of Bones, Portugal

A short slideshow of images from the Chapel of Bones in Portugal includes the sign above the chapel door which reminds visitors that "We bones that are here, for yours await".  If you find ossuaries fascinating, watch the following video describing seven structures in Europe constructed of human remains.  A cross country tour of European human bone structures would make an interesting and creepy travel tour for Halloween!

3) Suicide Forest, Japan

The documentary video above is in Japanese with English subtitles, but it is extremely effective in getting across the somber and chilling atmosphere of Japan's Aokigahara, or Suicide Forest (the unsettling music really helps).  Even though the creepy reputation of this forest is relatively recent, it has become world-renowned as a spooky destination.  There have even been a couple of movies made about fictional ghosts in Aokigahara.  One is a TV movie from the SyFy Channel called "Grave Halloween" (2013), and there is a video trailer on YouTube:

The more recent movie, called "The Forest" (2016) was shown on the HBO movie channels last week, but does not appear to be available for the rest of this month.  Check out a trailer for this movie below:

4) Paris Catacombs, France

The video above is a segment from the SyFy Channel's "Scariest Places on Earth" television documentary series (some of you may recognize Linda Blair, who introduces the story, and the voice of Zelda Rubinstein, the narrator of the tale).  The focus is on a lost video camera found in the Catacombs of Paris containing footage recorded by a solitary man who illegally entered the catacombs.  For some reason he panicked and began running deeper into the tunnels.  At one point the man drops his camera and abandons it, continuing to run away.  No one knows if he ever made it out of the catacombs, but his story is reminiscent of the one about Philibert Aspairt, who entered the underground passages in the late 18th century and got lost.  His body was found eleven years later, and a tomb, the only one in the catacombs, was erected in his memory:

From Wikipedia.

Not surprisingly, there have been a couple of horror movies made that are set in the Catacombs of Paris.  "Catacombs" (2007) is a slasher movie with a different sort of twist, and you can watch the trailer below (this moviet is currently viewable on YouTube but will most likely be removed):

More recently, the movie "As Above, So Below" (2014), a supernatural horror movie set in the Catacombs, was released.  You can view the trailer below (and again, the full movie is currently on YouTube, albeit with hilariously high-pitched sound when I watched, but it will undoubtedly be removed soon):

5) Snake Island, Brazil

Even viewing the short ABC news report above may be more than some people can take of Snake Island off the coast of Brazil, home to the deadly, venomous golden lancehead snake.  The dense population of these pit vipers led the Brazilian government to declare this island off limits to all but those few, mostly scientists, who receive special permission.  If you would like more in-depth information about the island, watch a half-hour documentary on YouTube here.  While I could not find any fictional movies set on Brazil's Snake Island, horror movies with a venomous snake theme abound.  There is even a trailer on YouTube for a movie called "Snake Island" (2002), although this particular island is in Africa (you can watch the trailer here, but I decided not to post it because it is not family-friendly).  And of course you could always watch "Snakes on a Plane" (2006) to get your fill of deadly snakes!  See the trailer below (and watch the full movie on YouTube, although once again I predict it will be removed soon):


I hope you have enjoyed this virtual global trip to five terrifying travel destinations.   Now wouldn't you just love to plan an actual vacation to these same locations?  Okay, maybe not, but at least you can have your fill of Halloween fun with these links!

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