Monday, October 31, 2016

Mysterious Mondays: William F. Harvey's "Across the Moors"


Happy Halloween!  My last scary short story for the month is "Across the Moors" by William F. Harvey, an English writer known for his ghost stories.  This particular tale emphasizes two common phobias, fear of the dark and fear of being alone.  A young governess is sent out late in the day on a walk across the moors to fetch a doctor for an ailing child.  Unfortunately the doctor is away, so she must return to the house in the dark by herself.  Along the way she is joined by a clergyman, but he is not all that he seems.  Perhaps being alone is not such a bad circumstance after all!

You can read "Across the Moors" here.  Unfortunately, an audio version is not available on YouTube (although it would be a great choice for audio), but the tale is very short and easy to read.  In fact, this  short story would be perfect to read aloud on Halloween night, even for children, as it is spooky but not terrifying.  Just be prepared to turn the lights on quickly once you finish reading!

William Fryer Harvey (1885-1937)
(from Tales of Mystery and Imagination)

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