Monday, October 24, 2016

Mysterious Mondays: F. Marion Crawford's "The Upper Berth"

From University Book Store.

The Halloween theme for this week is horror at sea, and the short story I have chosen is "The Upper Berth", one of the best-known chilling tales by F. Marion Crawford.  Crawford was a rather prolific American author who is known for his supernatural and fantasy works.  In this story, a seasoned sailor describes a terrifying experience on the ship Kamtschatka, where he shares cabin 105 with a very undesirable roommate who inhabits the upper berth.  Once you learn the details, you can easily understand why he will never sail on that particular ship again!

You can read "The Upper Berth" here, or listen to the audio version on YouTube (not the best narrator, and the story is rather long, but definitely worth hearing):


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