Thursday, July 28, 2016

Weekend Wonders: Walk on the Wild Side 4x4 Wardrobe

Clockwise from left to right: Biba Panther Print Slouch Trousers; Biba Panther Print Tie Neck Blouse; Biba Panther Print T-Shirt.

I had a totally different concept in mind for this week's fashion style board, but then I came across the Biba Panther blouse, tee, and pants shown above.  Sometimes you just have to go where serendipity leads you, so I embraced my chance encounter with these feline-featuring items and chose to walk on the wild side!  Color choices were obvious, with black and white as the neutrals and blue, red, and yellow as accent colors.  If you look closely, the blue on the white blouse is much more vivid than the blue on the black pants and tee, so I used both shades of blue when selecting more apparel for this wardrobe.

I also decided to employ a selection technique I frequently use when buying clothing, especially tops, which is to buy multiples of a preferred item in different colors.  The first set of four in this collection includes the casual pants with three identical tees in each accent color:

Clockwise from left to right: Biba Panther Print Slouch Trousers; L.L. Bean Women's Pima Cotton V-Neck Short-Sleeve Tee in Butter*, Fiery Red, and Brightwater Blue.
*The v-neck tee is no longer available in this color, but the L.L. Bean Women's Crewneck Short-Sleeve Tee is still offered in all three colors.

The second set of four starts with the blouse, which is stylish enough for more sophisticated combinations with a skirt or dressy pants (I especially love those bright blue pants!):

Clockwise from top left: Biba Panther Print Tie Neck Blouse: J. Crew Italian Featherweight Cashmere Cardigan Sweater in Black; River Island Blue High Waisted Wide Leg Pants; Hobbs Wendy Skirt in Black.

The tee shirt is dressier than the solid-colored ones shown with the slouch pants, and can be dressed up or down depending upon one's mood:

Clcokwise from top left: Biba Panther Print T-Shirt; Pure Collection Cashmere V Neck Cardigan in Cornflower Blue; Pure Collection Pencil Skirt in Yellow; L.L. Bean Women's Classic Fit Straight-Leg Comfort Knit Jeans in Black.

Three more tops and one additional pair of pants will expand the possibilities for this wardrobe:

Clockwise from top left: L.L. Bean Women's Pima Cotton V-Neck Short-Sleeve Tee in Black; Oasis The Perfect Tee in White; Pied a Terre Cable Turtle Neck Knit Sweater in Red; Pure Collection Smart Linen Trouser in White.

Putting everything together into a 4x4 wardrobe format yields the following:

There are so many possible outfit combinations in this basic 4x4 wardrobe.  The colors complement the panther pattern on the three inspiration pieces and allow them to stand out without seeming too outlandish.  My next fashion post (hopefully this weekend) will feature accessories that will enhance and expand the wild side of this collection!

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