Sunday, July 3, 2016

Weekend Wardrobe: Rocky Mountain Vacation Wardrobe

Glacier National Park
(from Clio).

It has been so hot here in Georgia lately!  All I can think about is escaping the heat, so how about a cooling trip to the mountains, somewhere far enough north and high enough in elevation that multiple layers of clothing will be needed in the evenings and mornings?  Glacier National Park in Montana comes to mind (check out current weather conditions here), or perhaps Banff National Park on the Canadian side of the border.

Flathead Lake Biological Station in Yellow Bay
(from University of Montana).

My husband taught at the University of Montana's Flathead Lake Biological Station for a few summers decades ago, and we would often go to Glacier National Park on the weekends.  Even in July, when we were there, the weather was always cool except in the middle of the day.  If I could travel right now, that would be my destination.

Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park
(from National Park Central Reservations).

We were so close to the park that we never stayed at one of their impressive lodges, and I would love to be able to finally get the chance to do so (there are also wonderful accommodations in and around Banff National Park).   The following wardrobe would be my choice for apparel in transit (all items except the shoes chosen from Chico's this time, because I just discovered their website and liked what I saw):

Clockwise from top left: Chico's Vita V-Neck Tee in Chino; Chico's Essential Jacket in Black; Chico's Cinda Faux Pearl Bracelet in Black/Ecru; Chico's Sandy Crossbody Bag in Black; L.L. Bean Women's Plain Indispensable Skimmers; Chico's Platinum Capri Jeans in Feather Tan.

Since the theoretical starting and ending point for this trip will be Atlanta, where it is very hot and humid, I wanted to choose clothing in which one could stay cool, but that was still warm enough to be comfortable in an air-conditioned plane.  Upon arrival at the park, it would be easy enough to change into a more temperature-appropriate outfit.

This trip will probably last at least a week, so it may not be possible to use a small enough bag to carry on to the plane.  However, I selected the Large Carryall Pullman from L.L. Bean since one reviewer mentioned that, when she traveled, this bag was deemed small enough to be considered a carry-on:

Because one of the most popular activities at Glacier National Park is hiking, I had to pack at least a few items of apparel to be used for that activity, and what better company to provide these items than L.L. Bean?  The rest of the packed clothing comes from Chico's again:

Clockwise from top left: L.L. Bean Women's Cropped Comfort Trail Pants in Iron; L.L. Bean Women's V-Neck Pima Cotton Tee in Tropical Peach; L.L. Bean Women's V-Neck Short Sleeve Pima Cotton Tee in Charcoal Heather; Chico's Cam Cowl Neck Sweater in Pale Taupe; Chico's Erin Embroidered Top in Cement; Chico's Hayley Striped Layering Tee (out of stock); Chico's Getaway Pants in Black; Chico's Bi-Color Textured Dress in Grey; Chico's Slim-Leg Jeans in Deep Cypress Lake; Chico's Tivona Ribbed Tank in Cement; Chico's Space-Dye Marlene Pullover in Warm Multi; Center, top to bottom: L.L. Bean Women's Pathfinder Waterproof Walking Shoes in Dark Cement; Chico's Patti Pullover Sweater in Black; Chico's Madge Long Necklace in Soft Orchid.

One more item I would pack is the Women's Stowaway Rain Jacket from L.L. Bean, just in case it should rain (or even possibly snow!), because nothing is more uncomfortable than being out on a hike and getting soaked by a cold rain.  Not only is this jacket waterproof, breathable, and durable, it is also lightweight and easily packed in its own ten-inch pocket pouch:

I am really missing northern summers at the moment.  I don't think I will ever adapt to the heat and humidity here in the south, and I have had to spend a lot of time outdoors lately caring for my little donkey.  Luckily, she does seem to have turned a corner and is making a slow but mostly steady recovery.  She will still need much care for a while, though, so virtual trips to cooler locales will have to suffice for now.

Enjoying the scenic beauty at the Montana-Canada border
(summer 1983).

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