Saturday, April 1, 2017

Weekend Wardrobe: Bright Colors Spring/ Summer 4x4 Wardrobe Accessories

As promised, this week's post will focus on accessories for last week's bright and colorful 4x4 wardrobe.  I decided to stick with two requirements for some of the accessories.  First, I used the nature print shirt as inspiration, and focused on a flora and fauna theme:

And second, I decided to stick with silver, and grey, and white as the dominant accessory colors, with a few colorful exceptions.  Let's use the bottom up approach and start with shoes:

Clockwise from top left: Sperry Women's Barrelfish Boat Shoe in Grey; Ked's Women's Champion Oxford Canvas Sneakers in White; Hush Puppies Women's Mazin Cayto Nubuck Ankle Boots in Frost Grey; Softspots Women's Trinidad Leather Huarache Sandals in White; Center: Refresh Women's Quilted Leatherette Round toe Slip On Ballet Flats in Red.

I just could not resist adding those red quilted ballet flats, but I think there is enough red in the wardrobe to justify these shoes!

Next up are some handbags, which I chose to complement the shoes (although not necessary, I thought it would be a fun exercise for this collection):

Clockwise from top left: Fossil Peyton Small Double Flap Crossbody Bag in Iron; Pons Quintana Woven Leather Clutch Bag in White (currently out of stock); Fossil Emma Satchel in Iron; Joe Boxer Women's Canvas Crossbody Purse in White; Center: H. Butler Mighty Purse Quilted Wallet Bag in Red.

Let's move on to outerwear next:

Clockwise from top left: Barneys New York Flexible-Brim Adjustable Canvas Sun Hat in White; Costa Del Mar Loreto 59 Polarized Sunglasses in Silver/Blue; CTM Women's Classic Pashmina Shawl Wrap in White; Fishers Finery 100% Italian Silk Chiffon Scarf in Gray Mist; Center: Anna Aura Frock Coat in Royal Blue.

I've saved the best for last, because I really went to town selecting lots of fun jewelry, but all in shades of silver!  Since the wardrobe is so colorful, I decided to keep the jewelry monochromatic.  However, I think the nature theme keeps these pieces from becoming too boring:

Clockwise from top left: JCPenney Sterling Silver Owl Pendant; Wildlife Wonders Annaleece Night Owl Earrings; HVart Design Owl Bracelet; Prairie Edge Native American "Dragonfly" Sterling Silver Bracelet; Bling Jewelry Strong Wilt Sterling Silver Rose Bracelet; Bonanza Sterling Silver and Polished Crystal Butterfly Necklace and Dangle Earring Set; Jared Alex Woo Sterling Silver Dog Necklace; Dew Sterling Silver Jumping Deer Necklace.

Honestly, I had so much fun selecting the jewelry for this wardrobe that I could easily have kept on going!  I could have added several more options from my inspiration shirt, such as songbirds, feathers, even more flowers, and some mysterious-looking critter that looks like a cross between a weasel and a cat, but then this post would have been way too long!  I have to say that the dragonfly bracelet is really calling my name, even though I already have way too much jewelry.


Next week's post will also have a bit of a nature theme, but will be totally different from today's wardrobe collection.  Here's a hint - it will be sweet!

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