Thursday, April 13, 2017

This 'n That Thursdays: Dalmatian Print Rug-Inspired Living Room

From Rugs Direct.

I am a confirmed and fanatical Dalmatian lover, so much so that I will periodically do Dalmatian google searches just to see what comes up.  That is how, in a roundabout way, I found the link for the Dalmatian print rug shown above, which inspired me to create a living room style board using this rug as the inspiration.  Much as I adore Dalmatians, however, I did try to keep the dottiness to a minimum, because even I have my limits when it comes to seeing spots before my eyes!

Clockwise from top: Large Abstract Landscape Painting 'Bright Sky' by Gegot Paintings on Etsy; Saginaw Sofa in Black from AllModern; Dalmatian Pillow Cover from The Pillow Cover Store on Etsy; Threshold Black Downbridge Floor Lamp from Target; Avani Mango Wood Drum Accent Table from Pier 1; Saginaw Leather Arm Chair from AllModern; Caramel Pine Cone Linen Throw Pillow from Overstock; Center: Avani Coffee Table from Pier 1; Center background: Artistic Weavers Stella Dalmatian Rug from Rugs Direct.


While the Dalmatian print is obvious, I don't think it overwhelms the look of the room.  In fact, I believe even someone who is not a Dalmatian fanatic could live with this décor.  Maybe I can convince my husband?  Or maybe not!

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