Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wish List Wednesdays: A Pair of Pretty Pony Pillows from Pendleton

Horse-print items with a western theme seem to be popular right now.  In addition to last week's sweater, I also found the lovely pillows shown above in the current Pendleton Home catalog.  The one on the left is the Quarterhorse Pillow and the one on the right is the Pinto Horse Pillow.  Both were designed by Brooklyn artist Stephanie Housley, are printed on natural linen and have a feather/down fill, and are available for $145 each.  The horses sport blankets with a Native American aesthetic, in keeping with the Pendleton company's signature product.  As my husband and I get closer to our goal of retiring to New Mexico, I am ready to start shifting my home décor to a more appropriate look, and items like these horse pillows would go a long way to achieving that change!

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