Friday, August 12, 2016

Foodie Fridays: Greek Salad II

I have always liked Greek salad, but lately it has become an obsession.  It all started when I discovered that the local Kroger stores sold it in their deli section.  One taste and I just couldn't get enough!  The ingredients are simple, so I decided to try making my own based on the ingredients list from the store-bought salad.

For me, the key to Greek salad greatness is a feta cheese vinaigrette.  I checked out several recipes online, decided on the ingredients and proportions I thought would work, and came up with my own version.  Now I try to have a bowl full of this delicious and satisfying dish in the refrigerator at all times, ready for a quick meal or side dish whenever I like, which is often!

Greek Salad

1 English cucumber, quartered lengthwise and thinly sliced
2 bell peppers (any color), diced
2 C. grape tomatoes, halved
1/2 large red onion, thinly sliced
24 pitted Kalamata olives
1/4 C. crumbled feta cheese
Feta Cheese Vinaigrette (see below)

Combine the vegetables and cheese in a large bowl.  Toss with the dressing until thoroughly combined.  Chill until ready to serve (best served at room temperature).  Serves 6.

Feta Cheese Vinaigrette: Whisk together 4 T. olive oil, 3 T. red wine vinegar, juice of one lemon, 1 tsp. crumbled dried oregano, 1 T. brine from the Kalamata olives, and 2 T. finely crumbled feta cheese.

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  1. I am WILD about Greek salad. This looks like a delicious recipe. I think most people understand Greek salad as having lettuce. As we both know, tradition Greek salad does not. I just bought Feta cheese and will be trying your recipe and this delicious sounding vinaigrette. Thank you!