Saturday, August 13, 2016

Weekend Wardrobe: Modern Gothic Romance 4x4 Wardrobe Accessories

Last week I put together my idea of a modern gothic romance 4x4 wardrobe, so this week it is time to introduce some appropriate accessories.  I tried to create a balance between darker versus softer elements, but I think these accessories do lean a bit more in the direction of gothic.

Let's start with some shoes, shall we?

Clockwise from top left: Clark's Lucette Drama Boots in Black Suede; Louise et Cie 'Leyna' Slip-On Sandal in Vanilla/Black; Blue by Betsey Johnson 'Lucy' Flats in Black Satin; Softwalk 'Narina' Ballet Flats in Black Kid Suede.

The accessories I've chosen all have either a dragonfly or an orchid print, only because these particular items all had the right color combinations (plus the fact that I could not resist the dragonfly scarf!).  Dragonflies can symbolize courage, strength, transformation, and/or prosperity in gothic fiction, and orchids were highly prized by the Victorians:

Clockwise from top left: Black Gold Pink Dragonfly Designer Handbag Purse by P4AF; Vince Camuto Orchid Explosion Scarf; Black Dragonfly Silk Scarf; Orchid Dance Tote Bag by Kimberley Britt.

The jewelry continues the dragonfly and orchid themes, and introduces a rose theme as well (black roses are often found in Gothic fiction):

Clockwise from top left: Novica Natural Orchid Gold-Plated Flower Necklace, 'Charming'; Victoria Trading Co. Gothic Rose Cuff Bracelet; Avalaya Large Crystal 'Dragonfly' Brooch in Gold Tone; The Pyramid Collection Black Lace & Drop-Bead Choker.

This set adds some outerwear to the wardrobe.  If you look closely at the hat and long coat on the left, you will find even more roses (it was actually the coat that introduced the rose theme to this collection).  Also, it is hard to tell from this image, but the gloves have a lace overlay:

Clockwise from top left: Village Hat Shop Callanan Rosette Jockey Cap in Black; The Pyramid Collection Midnight Velvet Jacket; Luxury Divas Luxury Velvet Black Glove with Lace Removable Cuff; Lanvin Rose Detail Coat.

As I mentioned above, the accessories are a bit more gothic than romantic in tone, mainly because the wardrobe has so many black pieces.  For those who would prefer a more romantic look, next week I will present a style board where a lot of the black apparel has been replaced with items in the softer shades (ivory, peach and lavender), and I will change up the accessories accordingly as well.

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