Saturday, August 6, 2016

Weekend Wardrobe: Modern Gothic Romance 4x4 Wardrobe

Mia Wasikowska in a romantic costume and Jessica Chastain garbed in
gothic style for the movie "Crimson Peak" perfectly embody the idea of
a gothic romance wardrobe (from Pinterest).

Did you know that August is National Read a Romance Month?  I didn't, until a few day ago.  That discovery, plus an inspiring post on The Vivienne Files (always a great source of inspiration, by the way), and the fact that I recently saw the movie "Crimson Peak" (2015), which is definitely not for the faint of heart, got me thinking about a wardrobe that is very different from any that I would normally consider. A little bit goth, a touch of romance, and voilà -- a gothic romance 4x4 wardrobe is born!

My modern version includes clothing on the casual side, but in fabrics that are anything but casual.  Velvet, satin, silk, brocade, lace, and cashmere, in black for that gothic style, but softened with ivory, lavender, and peach to heighten the romantic look.  The lack of voluminous skirts and dresses will hardly be noticed!

For the first set of four, I decided to start off with all of the pants instead of mixing up tops and bottoms, for no other reason than the desire to be different:

Left to right: Boden Velvet Trouser in Black; St. John Collection 'Emma' Satin Ankle Pants in Caviar; Norm Thompson Women's Packable Silk Pants in Black; Dolce & Gabbana Brocade Trousers.

The next set introduces more black, in one simple but feminine dress and several tops:

Clockwise from top left: Diane Von Furstenberg Zarita Long Dress in Black; The Tog Shop Stretch Velvet Shirt in Black; Pure Collection Beaded Satin Top in Black; New Look Black Velvet Lace Trim T-Shirt.

For the third set, tops in ivory are added to lighten and soften the look:

Clockwise from top left: Baliencaga Ivory Silk Blouse; Pure Collection Silk Satin T-Shirt in Ivory; Pure Collection Cashmere Satin Cuff Sweater in Soft White; Pure Collection Cashmere Cowl Neck Sweater in Soft White.

And the last set brings in some gentle pastel colors intended to let you breathe a sigh of relief after so much severity from all of the black apparel:

Clockwise from top left: Nini Ricci Pointelle-Knit Wool Cardigan in Lavender; Gambattista Valli Lilac Ruffled Silk Chiffon BlousePhillip Lim Draped Silk-Satin Top in Neutral; Alice + Olivia Arlene Draped Silk Georgette Top in Blush.

The complete 4x4 wardrobe shows that this look, with its mix of gothic black and romantic pastels and ivory, is actually quite balanced, neither too austere nor too insipid:

The apparel chosen all fit my gothic romance category nicely, but are unlikely to reduce any heroine to swooning point.  As in my last fashion post, it will be the accessories that add the drama to this wardrobe, and I will present those items next week!

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