Thursday, January 27, 2011

This 'n That Thursdays: An Extravagance of Donkeys by Janet Baker-Carr

Anyone who loves animals will be charmed by Janet Baker-Carr's little book, An Extravagance of Donkeys.  The author describes a time in her life when she moves from the city to a farm in New England and proceeds to provide a sanctuary for a number of unwanted donkeys.  Her love for these sturdy little creatures began in childhood with a donkey she owned while growing up in rural England.  She describes each animal with fondness, acknowledging all of their quirks and celebrating the uniqueness of each.  She also recalls the other animals who inhabit the property, day to day life as she cares for her menagerie, the people she meets in connection with the donkeys, and the history of the area and especially of the farm, which had once belonged to her husband's family and which she and her husband were able to buy back.  Although she no longer lives on the farm, her time there was obviously very special to her, and you will find yourself wishing that you too could experience such a life, if only for a day.  The book is short and an easy read, so there is no excuse for not reading it.  Find yourself a copy and enjoy!

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