Monday, January 17, 2011

Mystery Mondays: Elaine Vliets' "Dead-End Job" Mystery Series

I just finished reading Killer Cuts, the eighth "Dead-End Job" mystery by Elaine Vliets.  This series follows the exploits of Helen Hawthorne, a former professional woman who decides to flee a court-ordered decree to pay alimony to her deadbeat philandering ex-husband.  Ending up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, she takes a series of jobs that pay cash and do not check into her background too carefully, so that she can avoid recognition and discovery.  While the jobs may be menial, she finds that her new life is not so bad.  Helen rents a room at the quirky Coronado Hotel and becomes quite fond of her colorful landlady as well as the hotel's other tenants, including a good-looking private detective named Phil.  Now if only she could stop encountering so many murders!  This series is funny, engaging, and well written, and you will come to appreciate Helen's new life and friends as much as she does.  I highly recommend that you read all nine books in the series and hope that the author has several more in the works!

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