Thursday, December 8, 2016

This 'n That Thursdays: Winter Women on Horseback


My post last week about the documentary "The Eagle Huntress" (2016) included a movie trailer featuring the main character, a young girl named Aisholpan, riding a horse across a wintry Mongolian landscape carrying her eagle on her arm (see above).  This image inspired me to search for more photos of winter women on horseback from around the world.  These are the pictures I found and, even though most of them are probably staged and/or photoshopped, I think they are spectacular:

From Dagbladet (Norway)

From Animal Wallpapers

From Deviant Art (Russia)

From Dierks Photo (USA)

From flickr (Netherlands)

From Landssamband hestemannafélaga (Iceland)

From Begin the Dance (USA)


From If It's Hip, It's Here (check out the children's books based on
the little girl Anja shown in the above photo here)

I like to consider myself a winter woman, as I prefer winter's chill to summer's heat.  When on horseback, I am never cold.  In fact, I am always the one wearing a tee shirt during trail rides when everyone else is wearing their winter coats.  Of course, we rarely get snow or even very cold temperatures here in Georgia, so I salute these intrepid winter women on horseback in the snow!

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