Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wish List Wednesdays: Pier 1 Sandpiper Dinnerware

I am not really very fond of the coast.  I don't care for heat, sand, saltwater, or unrelenting sunshine, and so often beaches are terribly overcrowded.  I do, however, think that at certain times the coast can be quite lovely, especially on an overcast day when the weather is cool and there are fewer people around.  Long ago I was involved in a research project on the Maryland coast in the spring, and I loved walking along the beach early in the morning to get to my research site.  I remember seeing the cutest little sandpipers, and the Sandpiper Dinnerware ($7.95-$8.95 per piece) from Pier 1 reminds me so much of those little birds.  There is even a Sandpiper Painted Wine Glass ($9.95 each) available.  Wouldn't these dishes be perfect for a beach home?  The pieces are sold individually rather than as a set, so the cost can add up, but you could just buy dinner or salad plates as an accent with plainer dinnerware and still bring a touch of the sea to your table no matter where you live!



  1. Where can we find these ?
    Have been looking all over.

  2. The Pier 1 sandpiper dinnerware is unfortunately no longer available, although the wine glasses are on clearance at the Pier 1 website ( ). If you really want this dinnerware, I would recommend checking the eBay and Replacements, Ltd. websites periodically to see if anything becomes available (right now there are only a few of the similar Christmas-themed Pier 1 sandpiper plates on eBay). Good luck!