Thursday, April 7, 2016

Current Events: Chief Wombat Cuddler!

From Daily Mail

Much as I love our nation, I think I am going to have to become an Australian citizen ASAP, for one reason only -- CHIEF WOMBAT CUDDLER!  Ever since our first trip to Australia I have been infatuated with wombats.  They are my favorite Australian marsupial, and the babies in particular are just too adorable.

Recently Tourism Tasmania decided to hold a contest in which the winner becomes Chief Wombat Cuddler to Derek, a tiny orphaned wombat desperately in need of comfort and care.  The entire winner's package includes air transportation for two to Flinders Island (Derek's home), three nights of accommodation, car rental for four days, and of course some serious cuddle time with baby Derek.  Entrants must be at least 18 years of age, live in Australia, and get their short essay in by April 16th.

Chief Wombat Cuddler -- I want this job!  How soon can I become a legal resident of Australia, and how come nobody ever thought of this position before?  I really think the world needs more wombat cuddlers, and I would gladly volunteer!

Below is the video that inspired the contest:

I am seriously suffering from cuteness overload right now -- can you blame me?

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