Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wish List Wednesday: Ominously Opulent Black Widow Halloween Outfit

Are you on your way to a gruesomely gala Halloween ball?  Victorian Trading Co. has all the apparel necessary to make a maliciously magnificent appearance as the ultimate Black Widow!  Start off with the Veronique Mermaid Gown ($518) shown above, vaguely reminiscent of the wickedly alluring attire worn by Morticia of "The Addams Family".

Carolyn Jones as
Morticia Addams
Anjelica Houston as
Morticia Addams
(from The Black Wardrobe)

The perfect footwear for this bewitching gown would be these Vampy Witch Shoes ($49.95):

Slip on a pair of lacy Glamorous Gloves ($12.95),

and the aptly named Black Widow Necklace ($59.95),

plus a gossamer Flourish Gothic Intrigue Mask ($29.95) to keep the other ball guests almost guessing as to your identity:

October is a chilly month, so you will need warm outerwear as you make your grand entrance to the ball.  If you were a proper widow, you would of course don an acceptable Widow's Mourning Cloak ($139.95) and Bonnet ($39.95):

However, for this one night you are a professional Black Widow, and acceptability is out of the question!  Go for this dramatic black Velvet Opera Coat ($249.95) instead, and you are guaranteed to capture the attention (and soon the heart) of your next victim:

Should you have one iota of pity in your ruthless Black Widow psyche, give your potential prey fair warning by pinning the Madame Lacemaker Spider Brooch ($19.95) to your coat's lapel:

Hapless victims, you have been warned -- the irresistibly evil Black Widow is on the prowl, and she is planning to attend a fancy dress Halloween Ball near you!

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