Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Terrifying Tuesdays: Jaws (1975)

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My movie pick for Halloween this year is "Jaws" (1975), the Steven Speilberg blockbuster based on a Peter Benchley novel about that now iconic giant man-eating great white shark relentlessly terrorizing the residents of Amity Island and giving the characters of actors Roy ScheiderRichard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw a really bad boating experience.  Did you know that much of the movie was filmed on Martha's Vineyard (hence the reason I chose this film)?

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The photo above shows the movie's mechanical shark (nicknamed "Bruce" by Speilberg and infamous for almost never working properly) in Katama Bay off of Martha's Vineyard (click on the photo link to see even more images).

There have actually been shark sightings in the area recently.  The sharks are following a bumper crop of seals, and were still in the Cape Cod area in mid-October.  As a precaution, beach-goers have been told to leave the water when sharks are seen.  A good idea, in my opinion, especially after two kayakers were attacked by a shark in September.  Luckily, the women were not hurt, but I do think they definitely needed a bigger boat!

To watch the full movie, just click here.

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