Thursday, October 9, 2014

This 'n That Thursdays: Creative Design Ideas from Martha's Vineyard

HGTV Dream Home 2015 virtual image

The HGTV 2015 Dream Home location is on Martha's Vineyard.  Never having been to this area before, I have become intrigued by life on this small island off the coast of Massachusetts.  I decided to take a look at examples of interior design style on Martha's Vineyard, and was surprised at the diversity and creativity I found.  In fact, many of the images offered design ideas that could be applied in any interior.  Here are seven ideas that I would happily use in my own home:

1) Use texture in unexpected places

This simple white bedroom is anything but boring thanks to the use of texture.  The woven natural material of the bed and ottomans adds color and interest to the room, and similar color and texture are repeated in the art and chair.  By emphasizing texture rather than color, the spectacular view from the bank of windows remains the focal point of the room.

2) Use color in unexpected places

Turquoise dining chairs bring a welcome hit of color to an otherwise monochromatic room, and pick up the color of the water viewed from the windows.

3) Don't forget the "fifth wall" (or is it the sixth?)

Lately the idea of adding color to ceilings has become popular, but don't forget about the area under your feet!  Unique floor treatments can bring interest to an unremarkable space, as the staircase above illustrates.

4) Artwork in unexpected places

Clever placement of artwork can turn an underused area into a space full of interest.  In the photo above, a vast expanse of awkwardly shaped whiteness gains a focal point thanks to a series of little paintings hung on the staircase stringer.

5) Gardens as part of the exterior color scheme

Careful selection of plantings can enhance the look of any home's exterior.  Classic weathered grey cedar shingles paired with blue hydrangeas create a color scheme with a coastal vibe for the Martha's Vineyard home shown above.

6) Use repurposed materials in unexpected places

The vanity in this powder room was made from a piece of repurposed old weathered lumber that resembles driftwood found on local beaches.  Similar ideas include making a unique dining room light fixture from old wine bottles in a vineyard region, or decorating a mirror frame with locally collected shells.  The possibilities are endless with a little imagination!

7) Use a favorite theme to create a specific feel to a space

While themed houses can be a bit excessive, when used with restraint favorite themes can add a delightfully personal touch to the home.  A small sunroom in a Martha's Vineyard house with its eye-catching octopus triptych and whale pillows reminds one of the nearby ocean and this New England island's nautical history.

These design ideas from Martha's Vineyard have me rethinking my own home's look, and quite coincidentally the ominous octopus in the last photo is the perfect segue into the Halloween season!  I think it's time to come up with some unique Halloween décor, possibly with a historic New England touch?

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