Thursday, October 16, 2014

This 'n That Thursdays: Best Pet Halloween Costumes

This kitten makes an adorable little witch!
(from Good Housekeeping)

It has been a while since I have dressed any pets in Halloween costumes (my first Dalmatian actually seemed to enjoy them, but all subsequent dogs have not shared her enthusiasm).  Nonetheless, I get a kick out of seeing pictures of pets all decked out for the spooky season, so I decided to share some truly creative costumes I have seen on the web lately.

Fearsome, or not (at least one head looks a bit scary)?

From Bored Panda

I wonder if this little dog can do a decent hula dance?

From Talk 2 the Animals

How can such a cute little kitten look so menacing?

From Bored Panda

This regal fellow looks positively pontifical!

From Spirit Halloween

That is one laid back beagle (I doubt if any of my dogs would be so blasé about a costume like that)!

From Yeepet

These gals look so stylish in their finery, better than a lot of humans!

From Design You Trust

I wonder if my black horse would let me do this to him?

From Bored Panda

Sometimes the simplest costumes are the best:

From Being Posh

Some people feel that dressing pets up is just wrong, but I guess my attitude is that if the animal does not seem uncomfortable and you promise to only do this to them one night a year, they may just be happy to oblige as a way to have some fun with their people.  Only you and your pet will know what is right, and your pet will trust you to make the correct decision.

Of course, with a face like this, who needs a costume?

Sorry, girl (we do love that face)!

Happy "Howl-o-ween"!

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