Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wish List Wednesdays: moderngoods Fish Sculpture

From moderngoods

A while ago I read an article in Sunset magazine which mentioned Victoria Price Art & Design in Santa Fe.  Owned by Victoria Price, daughter of the late actor Vincent Price, this store features unique art and interior design items, and offers design services as well.  I have to say that what drew me to the place initially, though, was the fact that Ms. Price is a fellow Dalmatian lover!  Her dog, Jack, was found and rescued by her as a stray in the mountains outside of Santa Fe, and is featured in many of the store photos:

Isn't he adorable?  Of course on our trip to Santa Fe last week I had to stop by and visit this store.  Unfortunately Jack was not in that day, but we did get to look around at all of the delightful items on display.  I had seen artist Yuki Murata's moderngoods line on their website, but a new bone china fish sculpture had been added to the collection, and I decided I had to get a couple.  The store used them as napkin holders, but they are also meant to be displayed in an artful arrangement, as shown above.  I really would have loved to purchase four, but they are fragile and we were traveling by plane, so I only felt comfortable carrying two well-wrapped pieces with me.  If I can remember my PayPal password, I intend to buy two more, on sale now at the website for $25 each (or three for $70).  I have already used the two I bought as napkin holders on my own table, but I had to double up the napkins in each since I had four place settings and only two holders.

You may be wondering why the fish sculpture only features the back end of the fish.  I am thinking that these tabletop fish sculptures may have been inspired by the interesting sculpture called "Santa Fe Current" outside of the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, which shows only the front ends of 27 Rio Grande cutthroat trout (the state fish of New Mexico), but that is just my surmise:

More about shopping in Santa Fe tomorrow!

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