Thursday, August 9, 2012

This 'n That Thursdays: When Nature Calls... Flora and Fauna in the Powder Room

From Above Top Secret

A nature-inspired powder room needn't be quite so rustic as the outhouse pictured above.  Select the right wallpaper and your little space will make you feel as if you are truly one with nature!

If a woodland look is your preference, try one of these:

From Bath Solutions

From houzz

From Clever Spaces

And if the addition of birds to your forest makes you feel like singing, here are a couple of avian options:

From Furniture Minimalist

From The Shabby Nest

Maybe you like big, bold flowers:

From Brown Design

Or do you feel the call of the wild from exotic Africa?

From Miles Redd

Some may love a more aquatic theme, either coastal,

From Better Homes and Gardens

or ichthyological:


From Chic Coles

From AtticMag

There may even be a few of you out there who are big fans of odonates:

From Odi et Amo

If you are feeling the call of nature when it comes to your powder room, these lovely wallpapers can add that outdoorsy feeling in a good way, without resorting to the need for bug spray and/or bear bells!

From Top 20 Fun

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