Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wish List Wednesdays: Phorm Feeders

From Unleashed Life

One of our dogs has a significant overbite.  Most of the time this is not a problem, but I have noticed that she has a much harder time eating out of her metal bowl compared to our other two dogs.  Her nose literally gets in the way, as it prevents her from getting into the angle between the bottom and sides of the bowl.  She has actually resorted to tipping her bowl gently with a front paw to get food out of the corners so she can eat!  All of which led me to these Phorm Feeders.  The bottom of the bowl is more rounded, while the sturdy stand will prevent the bowl from tipping over (although to give our poor dog her due, she has only tipped a bowl over once!).  And the fact that they are quite attractive certainly doesn't hurt.  At around $40 they are a reasonable investment, and will certainly result in a much happier dog, as long as her bowl contains something she wants to eat (so not the case for this little pup)!

From Dakota Rescue

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