Monday, September 12, 2011

Mystery Mondays: Maria Hudgins' Dotsy Lamb Travel Mystery Series

September is National Mushroom Month, so what better way to ease back into Mystery Mondays than by starting with a "Menacing Mushroom Week"!  The Dotsy Lamb Travel Mystery series by Maria Hudgins includes one novel featuring some fearsome fungi.  The first in the series features Dotsy Lamb, a recently divorced history professor and "woman of a certain age", vacationing in Italy with her dear friend Lettie Osgood.  She manages to solve the murder of two sisters and still enjoy the remarkable architecture, countryside, and cuisine of Italy, and even manages to fit in a little romance!  The second novel finds Dotsy and Lettie in Scotland, staying in an old Scottish castle while Dotsy assists at an archeological dig.  An unfortunate graduate student who specialized in mycology is found stabbed to death, and later the archeologist in charge of the dig dies in a manner suspiciously resembling mushroom poisoning.  Dotsy must learn all about mushrooms to find the murderer and save an innocent student from being tried for a crime he did not commit.  I have not yet read the third in the series, which is set in Greece, but I am looking forward to sharing Dotsy' further adventures and travels.  It helps that I have always wanted to visit both Scotland and Greece, and wouldn't mind a trip to Italy as well!

Mystery Mondays will not officially return until October when I will have more time to read, but "Menacing Mushroom Week" is a preview of things to come, and I am looking forward to reading more mystery novels!

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