Thursday, September 29, 2011

This 'n That Thursdays: Carl Warner's Food Landscapes

Carl Warner's Tuscan Kitchen (from Blog da Fotografia)

A recent article on Yahoo! introduced me to the wonderful world of food landscapes by Carl Warner.  The advertising photographer from London creates intricate and realistic scenes entirely constructed of food!  His very first creation, Mushroom Savanna, was inspired 12 years ago by a portabella mushroom he noticed at a produce market.  He has collected his works in a book, Carl Warner's Food Landscapes, and hopes to publish a children's foodscape book in the future.  According to Warner, "The more I've done, the more I realize there are so many to do.  It's a life work.  There are so many places that have yet to be made out of food."

See a video about the photographer and his works here.

Prints of Carl Warner's food landscapes are available for purchase on his website.  I can just imagine hanging a few of these beautiful scenes in a dining room or kitchen eating area, as Warner suggests on the video.  I would hesitate placing them in any other room, though -- I think they would end up making me feel hungry all the time!

Carl Warner's Food Landscapes book cover

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