Thursday, September 22, 2011

This 'n That Thursdays: Snuggle Bears

From This Is the Story of ...

This irresistible little puppy looks so content cuddling up to its toy bear!  But imagine how much more contented this sweet pup would be if it could snuggle into this chair:

From M.W. Moss

All of which brings me to the delightful concept of snuggle bears!  While the real thing may not be an appropriate snuggle companion, there are several bear facsimiles that would be ideal.  Besides the aforementioned chair, this sofa would fit the bill as well:

By memimenam

If numerous small bears won't work, how about one large one?  This child's bed looks quite friendly:

From Toys "R" Us

From Incredibeds

And then there is always the bean bag option -- this one looks so realistic:

From Etsy

There actually is one more possibility.  If sleeping on a bear just isn't enough, how about sleeping inside the bear?

From Eiko Ishizawa

Obviously, there is more than one way to snuggle with bears -- just be careful which one you choose!

From Women Who Ride

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