Thursday, September 29, 2011

On the Homefront: A Small but Beautiful Bounty

Our acreage has a lot of trees, which means it is too shady to have a proper vegetable garden.  Our second-story back deck faces south, however, and gets enough sun to allow for a few pots of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  I always plant red grape and yellow pear tomatoes, bell peppers, and Japanese eggplant.  I tried planting zucchini, but it is not happy in the smaller pots I've used so until I find larger containers that are attractive or a sunny spot in the yard I no longer plant them.  My harvest is never large, but I always manage to get a little something to enjoy.  I will probably roast these peppers, tomatoes and eggplant with some onion and olive oil -- simple but delicious, as well as nutritious!  The eggplant flowers are quite beautiful:

But my favorite container flowers on our deck are bright red geraniums, which stand out even in partial shade:

My hope is to eventually turn our rather nondescript front lawn into a cottage garden.  One area in particular gets a fair amount of sun, and if I am lucky I will finally be able to plant a real vegetable garden!

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